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It’s all about meeting the right people

We help people meet other people face to face, at the right place
& time and for the right reasons

How Check Mate Works?

Tell us who you are and the profile of people you want to meet at the event. We’ll let you know when your matches are near you.

First, tell us who you are.

If you haven’t done so while registering to the event, enter your profile details. You can easily do this with one push of a button by importing the info from LinkedIn. We use this information to show your potential matches.

Now, who do you want to meet?

Use profile categories to set the profile of the people you’d like to meet at the event. You’ll be able to see who’s around you, but we will only alert you when we found relevant matches for you based on who you want to meet.

We’ll take it from here!

You can put you’re phone away. Check Mate will work in the background to search for matches around you. We’ll alert you when we’ve found people matching the profile you’ve set. You can view their profile, send them a message or we can guide you straight to them! What happens next is up to you…

Awesome Features

Check Mate is the ultimate tool to help you make the most out of the event. See who’s around you or check out specific matches we’ve found for you.

Roam Free

While you do your thing- we work our magic. Our push model means that we will let you know when the right person is near you.

Extended Profile

See picture and profile of potential matches. You can also visit their LinkedIn page. Make a move? Your call.


You can send a quick message before you approach. Check your matchs’ availability or set to meet at a later time.

No Match? No worries

You can see basic profile details of everyone around you. You never know where a chance encounter can lead to

Take Me There!

Check Mate can guide you to your potential match- so you never miss the opportunity for a face to face with your match

Business Cards- Included

Exchanging digital business cards is easy- and they are all kept on an archive on your phone. Save as contact to your phone or browse after the event. Picture included!

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As a stand alone app, white labeled (with event look & feel) or integrated into any existing event app, we help unlock the value at social or business events”


Blog Posts

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The Pain of networking at business events

Making new and relevant business contacts is on the top of the list for every event attendee. But when flying blind at events it turns into mission impossible.


The power of face to face

Many researchers have proven through studies what we all know intuitively: there is no replacement for a face to face meeting.


Event statistics and the power of data

Technology today allows for massive amounts of data collection at business events. The insights can benefit organizers, sponsors and exhibitors.



Event organizers are excited by the effectiveness, simplicity and elegance of the Check Mate solution- see what they say.

None of the event apps I’ve seen are able to provide a real-time solution. Trying to setup a meeting before the event misses the point. I loved the proximity feature where our attendees can approach other people near them and get that face to face.

Jean-Claude Pienar

Viva Tech Paris, France

Networking is by far the number one priority of many attendees who attend business events. I’ve seen numerous attempts to address this problem but none is as effective and elegant as the Check Mate solution

Guido Bernardo

Textile & Fashion World
Milan, Italy

I’ve heard from attendees about their frustration, where they are unable to locate, meet and engage potential contacts. The Check Mate solutions addresses this challenge head on.

Rom Hendler

Travel Tech Israel
Tel Aviv, Israel

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Team Members

Meet the Check Mate core team.

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CEO Co-Founder

Aric Katz

CTO Co-Founder

Semion Bolter

Ux\Ui Expert

Michael Maksev

Senior Developer

Sergey Gurevitch

Cyber Security Expert

Phyllis Davis

Behavioral Psychology

Gideon Shirazy

Wireless & Comm Expert.

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